Church Administration provides the sub-structure upon which all the divisions of the United Pentecostal Church International are built. It is where the licensing of our ministers and affiliation of our churches is managed. The General and Executive boards, Budget Committee, and other committees and boards vital to our operation as an organization interface through Church Administration. Essential functions such as the accounting of funds, legal issues, judicial procedure issues, corporate record keeping, information services, management of assets, and a host of other duties are managed through Church Administration.

As the staff in Church Administration goes about these tasks, we do so with our eye on the reason for doing them: to propel this great church onward toward the vision of reaching this world with the gospel, and making disciples of those reached.

All we do is in support of that Commission; it is our reason for existing. We are support for every endeavor of the church, from the local church through the districts to the general divisions. We are here to help.

It is a joy to be joined with so many of you in this great vision.


Scott Graham
General Secretary
United Pentecostal Church International

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